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Organizations Need to Position Themselves for an Unknown Future

Whitepaper cover pageWhether, and to what extent, the industry can return to its pre-pandemic state remains unknown. But rather than simply waiting and hoping for the best, this whitepaper discusses four key areas hospitals can address right now to mitigate or reverse revenue losses:

  1. Staffing: sustaining consistent patient financial services amid staffing shortages
  2. Utilization and Payor Mix: understanding the shifting payor mix
  3. Ensuring optimal reimbursement: monitoring metrics to ensure claims are not denied or left unpaid
  4. Pricing: establishing a market-based pricing strategy

A comprehensive solution

Let HFRI help your organization supplement any staffing shortages, stay on top of accounts receivable inventory, identify where and how to maximize revenue and, if not completed yet, implement a price transparency program. HFRI, with our suite of comprehensive services, can help your organization overcome your financial challenges in 2021.

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