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Automation & Analytics in RCM: 3 effective ways to streamline decision-making and boost performance

For hospitals and health systems, external forces are converging to make it increasingly difficult to consistently optimize revenue cycle management and sustain predictable cash flow.

During this webinar, we explore key areas where automation can improve your team’s performance, as well as where to apply visual deep dive analytics to stop revenue cycle problems before they even start.

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Learning Objectives:

  • Identify how to increase staff efficiency through automated decision-making of process flows and notation
  • Learn key denial-management and contract-management scorecard tips to identify hidden issues
  • Reinforce the importance of front-end revenue integrity programs and zero balance forensic retro analysis

Concerned about improving the quality of your AR processes?
With the ongoing shortage of skilled workers and the continuing struggle to maintain employee skill sets, it’s important to have all the tools needed to facilitate accurate payer reimbursement and help improve cash flow.

HFRI offers a full spectrum of healthcare revenue cycle management services, from front-end charge master analysis and contract management to end-of-cycle zero-balance denial recovery. The company is committed to working seamlessly with hospital financial and billing staff to minimize denials and bad debt, improve collections and boost revenues. Our comprehensive capabilities, when aligned with hospital internal teams, can help hospitals improve operating margins and collect additional revenue.

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