Ready to Meet PAMA Outreach Lab Reporting Requirements?

Hospitals nationwide are scrambling to comply with a new reporting mandate announced by Medicare in early 2019 within a densely written and widely misunderstood transmittal. The reporting, which is mandated by PAMA, requires applicable hospital outreach laboratories and physician clinics that perform specimen-only lab testing to report their commercial payor payment rates for lab services by the end of March 2020 or potentially face fines of more than $10,000 per day.

Money being swept up with paper trash

3 Strategies for Reducing Non-clinical Healthcare Spending Waste

Waste in the U.S. healthcare system has decreased slightly over the past eight years, but it remains an enormous problem, consuming 25% of all healthcare dollars. Cutting systematic waste in the areas of pricing and administrative complexity while reducing the risk of costly fraud, waste and abuse audits requires an approach grounded in empirical evidence and supported by a capable staff and advanced technologies. Learn how healthcare organizations can use external expertise to help reduce healthcare waste.

EHRs Underperforming on RCM

With the majority of hospitals and health systems struggling to achieve the full potential of their electronic health systems (EHR), a recent survey found 46% of respondents are collaborating with external organizations, including outsourcing and vendor partnerships, to decrease revenue cycle costs and increase economies of scale.

All Eyes on Pricing Transparency

Pricing transparency has moved to the forefront of healthcare reform efforts. Meeting the challenges of pricing transparency demands a systematic approach grounded in empirical evidence and a capable staff implementing proven solutions.

Accurate Coding for Vaccines Requires Precision

From flu to tetanus, vaccines are among the most common outpatient procedures providers administer on a day-to-day basis. But they can also be complex to code and bill, and undetected mistakes can result in continual underpayment for services rendered.

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