All Eyes on Pricing Transparency

Pricing transparency has moved to the forefront of healthcare reform efforts. Meeting the challenges of pricing transparency demands a systematic approach grounded in empirical evidence and a capable staff implementing proven solutions.

Accurate Coding for Vaccines Requires Precision

From flu to tetanus, vaccines are among the most common outpatient procedures providers administer on a day-to-day basis. But they can also be complex to code and bill, and undetected mistakes can result in continual underpayment for services rendered.

HITRUST Vendor Certification Boosts Cybersecurity

Despite widespread industry determination to bolster healthcare information security, the number of health data cyberbreaches continues to explode nationwide, causing chaos for providers and payers and putting millions of patients at risk for identity theft. Learn how HITRUST certification can help.

How to Solve Healthcare’s Accounts Receivable Problem

Overall cost reduction and efficiency are some of the top financial priorities for today’s health system CEOs and CFOs. Faced with problems like shrinking revenue and increasing expenses, executives should start employing technological solutions, such as intelligent automation, to handle claims, increase efficiency and expedite insurance recovery.

Old ship with lots of sails at night with storm

Uncertainty Clouds Two-Midnight Rule; Poses Ongoing Denial Risk

Difficult and sometimes treacherous for ships at sea, navigating in the dark can be equally perilous for hospitals struggling to comply with Medicare’s murky two-midnight inpatient admissions rule. To minimize two-midnight denials and optimize collections, hospitals need to have a concise understanding of how the rule works.

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