Physicians Seek Reprieve from Prior Authorization Burden

For physicians, being forced to obtain insurance company prior authorization before providing or ordering a specific treatment probably feels a lot like needing a permission slip from your parents in high school. Not only does the process cause frustration and resentment, it can also lead to treatment delays and substandard care. Five areas of improvement have been identified and are now the basis for proposed federal legislation.

Clinical Labs Benefit from Comprehensive, Automated Approach to Denial Resolution

Clinical labs typically generate low-dollar/high-volume claims which many hospitals don’t aggressively pursue. However, hospitals can generate a substantial source of revenue by taking a more aggressive and systematic approach to lab denials.

Attacking the Root Causes of Radiology Denials

Radiologists face unique challenges when it comes to getting paid. Coding for imaging is complex and multi-faceted, and documentation must be thorough and precise. In addition, unlike most other specialists, radiologists are usually dependent on the referring physician’s office or emergency department to document medical necessity or ensure that any required prior authorizations are obtained.

HFRI Acquisition Extends Revenue Cycle Capabilities

HFRI is excited to join forces with PARA to deliver an unmatched revenue cycle solution that will further reduce AR cycle time, help providers generate more revenue, and improve patient satisfaction with increased pricing transparency.

Reducing Denials in the Emergency Department

Hospital emergency departments serve as important gateways for inpatient admissions, making it essential to capture patient information, especially insurance data, at the time of service to help prevent denials.

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