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Who We Are

Our companies offer a combination of experience, talent and sophisticated systems for the sole purpose of A/R improvement and cash for our clients. Our model for healthcare A/R recovery and customer service ensures continued success for us and our clients.

Our management team has over 100 years combined experience in healthcare revenue cycle management, enabling us to relate uniquely to our clientele.

We provide innovative and progressive approaches to Accounts Receivable Recovery utilizing the most advanced, client-integrated systems. This coupled with an experienced–professional staff makes the companies of HRI the optimum choice for the healthcare industry.

Our business model is to assist hospitals in reducing aged receivables and bad debt and increase cash flow through a proven and effective process referred to as the “Virtual Business Office.” Commitment to this will provide for a strategic revenue cycle re-design that has our client’s experiencing significant increases in cash, while assisting in our client’s reductions in both aging receivables and bad debt. We receive receivables at specific “target aging groups,” based on our clients' needs, and will provide support services and optional revenue cycle consulting to assist client management with internal process improvement.

It is our belief that the best opportunity to improve A/R performance for healthcare providers is with improved and focused follow-up on Non-Government receivables, including Managed Care, Commercial and Self Pay. Best practice standards for accounts receivable is 15% over 90 days. In as little as 6 months, our clients have experienced reductions as low as 10%. The principle is to eliminate the commitment of client staff toward follow-up of aged receivables, isolating specific aging criteria for out-placement of non-Government claims, as well as early designation and placement of self pay.

HFRI believes that every client is unique, and there should not be a “cookie-cutter” process to out-placement services. We believe in “strategic utilization” of services that coincide with the goals established by our clients. However, it is not enough to simply decide to utilize external resources, but to identify the perfect partner for this process. We feel that we have created a unique process that provides some of the best results in the industry.